Sidewalk Chalk Drawing

I chose this drawing/design for my photo because in the future I’d like to travel the world. I thought visiting a tropical island such as Hawaii or Jamaica would be interesting to draw, and even travel to. So I chose this for one of my future goals, even if it may seems out of reach.

Trail (part ii)

Into The Forest

The week of spring break was what all students hoped for, it was like a second Christmas present. Many students had extraordinary things planned out, from going on cruises to places where the weather was tropical, or going to rekindle with family members they didn’t even know existed. For Eva, it was going camping. She was planning to go on a road trip to California with her friend, but they had a falling out before break, so she was stuck going on a camping trip with her family. She sat on the end seat in the car, glancing out the window as they passed by houses that were painted colors so bright, it had hurt her eyes. She let out a sigh, opening the window so she could get air.

About ten minutes after they passed the houses, her mom had began driving toward the vast area of forest where smoke rose from the trees. She looked out the window again, where they were approaching the cabin. She slumped her head against the door before she sat up in her seat, as she saw something sitting near her cabin. She had told her mom to slow down, as she put her head out the window, glancing back at a bear who appeared to be waving at her. She couldn’t help but smile, as she ducked her head back into the car. Because of the strange occurrence, the girl had a feeling it was going to be a good week.

Character Portraits

In this photo, I played with the brightness and contrast of this photo to make this photo brighter and add to the mood of this portrait. I also edited the background in Photoshop, making the background yellow instead of it’s original red color. I did this to make the personality trait match to the background. The personality trait my subject is showing is happiness, because she seemed to be a happy person. She is conveying this personality trait because she was smiling, and looks like she is laughing at something off camera. My editing strengthens the photo because I made the photo more vibrant, and lively and added the yellow color which makes the personality trait obvious to the person viewing the image. What was challenging about working with the model is that I’m not used to taking photos of people, and had a difficult time trying to take photos of the model at different angles and with different facial expressions. Next time, I hope it will be easier to take photos of the model now that I have gotten used to taking photos of people.

Scavenger Hunt


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